Thursday, 24 February 2011

My recent projects

Hi guys,

Here is a collection of some of my project work from the past year.
In Nov 2010, I completed work on the Xbox Live game, Big Tidy Up game, for the environmental charity Keep Britain Tidy. For this project I was lead artist and animator. Louis McLaughlin (Lead programmer), Tim Newsome (Team Leader), Chris Trott (artist) and Chris Owens (programmer) were the other members of the team. As well as our main duties, we all had a hand in the game design process which was a fun and fruitful process. We won numerous awards for our game and were very close to winning a year's contract with Rockstar North at the Game Republic Event.

In Dec 2010, I created an animation short with the focus on lip-sync. It was my first attempt at lip-sync, but it was a fun and challenging process. I also designed, modelled, textured and rigged the character, Francis the 'Lion'. I'm happy with this first attempt, but I feel the animation could be a lot stronger with a few more tweaks.

An on-going personal project of mine has been an original cross-platform product called, Sacred River. The project has been put on hold many times due to lack of inspiration and change in art direction, but I'm hoping to show you more very soon! Here is a concept image of the main character.

Let's get cracking!

I had cornflakes for breakfast

Hello and welcome to my blog,

Here I will share my art work and inspirations with the world :) although I do have my reservations...

There are obvious pros to online blogs and social networks but I value my privacy and I'm not much of an attention seeker. With our increased use of social networking and online blogs, privacy is becoming a rare thing and if we don't use a social network we are viewed as strange or anti-social!

Whether we like it or not, our lives are becoming more transparent.

But anyway, who am I kidding. This is an opportunity to showcase my work and hopefully catch the eye of prospective employers ;)

I will keep my mundane jibba-jabba to a minimum and treat your eyes to more visual splendor!